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Rise and Fall


Rheons splitted up after the man himself turned out to be way to hungry for power without listening to his officers. The guild had crumbled for a while and theire ideas about beeing anti was long forgotten as focus was more on growth then maintaining ideals and current members. Im sure we will see more of Rheon himself but his followers has taken another path and lost theire trust and faith of the guild. Nothing new really, just another one that bites the dust.


More plugins available in forums!!!


Alot has happend the lately, Legendarys been brought into game, mobs been upgraded so they are now a bit harder. To keep rocking we updated some of our plugins and also making a few new available. You will find them under Downloads in the forum! Enjoy! Take notice that its not the same plugins thats available in forum as under the main board.


February 2013: Balance of Power


The February event, Balance of Power, is coming! Click above for AC event release notes, screenshots, and more!


Asherons Call 2 Is Back


Asherons call 2 is back in business! And its free for all AC1 subscribers! We are now waiting for a PvP server to be released and might try it out for fun!


We Got Relogic!


The Outlawz now has acess to Relogic!!! This nice tool lets you logg out on pk/death but it also loggs your char back into game after X amount of time, for example 10 minutes and restarts your macro!!!!


Let The Grinding Begin


More and more of our members has been flagged for Lum and as our forces grow we will be grinding this shit more frequently. Lately we been running both Frozen valley and Neftet fellows. Keep the good work up guys and keep hoarding!